10 Home Remedies for Weight Loss

!0 Home Remedies for Weight Loss

10 Home Remedies for Weight Loss


Most people who want to lose some weight, have been struggling with shedding the pounds their entire lives. For the majority of people it probably seems like it’s something impossible and not very realistic, but the truth is that it really isn’t that difficult, if, you can make a few key changes in your life.

An important thing to realize is that most people don’t want to lose weight, most people want to lose fat. Losing weight is just a by-product of losing fat, and depending on how much fat you want/need to lose, you might not need to lose any weight at all! The concept of losing fat and not weight is quite simple, getting rid of fat requires exercise which in turn builds muscle, and muscle is very heavy. That’s why so many people give up on exercise quite early-on in the process before getting a chance to see the results of their labour, because they use a scale to measure their success.

When you start to exercise you’ll build muscle quite quickly over the first 2-3 months, and that will increase your weight. If you’re burning less fat than you’re gaining in muscle, your weight might actually increase due to exercise. This is exactly the time when you can’t give up, and realize that you’ve already made some great progress. Too many people give up at this stage.

Losing fat and becoming more fit is a lifestyle, and it requires changes that you’re willing to accept long term. One of the reasons that restrictive diets only work temporarily, is that people aren’t willing to put up with them over long periods of time. Therefore, all of the home remedies for weight loss recommended in this article, are with an emphasis on long term and permanent change.

Imagine an alcoholic trying to stop drinking but hanging out in the bar with their old drinking buddies every night. Do you think they have a high chance of success? Obviously not, they have to change their circle of friends and places they hang out to avoid being around alcohol, if there is realistic a chance of them quitting. A change of lifestyle is needed.

10 Home Remedies for Weight Loss

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#1 – Exercise Exercise doesn’t mean going to the gym, and it doesn’t mean it has to be an unpleasant process. If you’re looking to burn fat, and if you’re reading this it’s safe to assume you are, you can choose from a myriad of different aerobic/cardio exercises you can do at least 3 times per week. Here are some enjoyable types of cardio which are very effective in helping melt off your fat:

* Cycling

* Running

* Tennis

* Team sports

* Swimming

* Bodyweight exercises (see: callisthenics)

* Rowing (if you live near water try the real thing, it’s a lot of fun!)

* Racquet ball

These sports are great fun, and they’ll help you get rid of the fat and build muscle. Additionally, you can join the gym or lift weights at home, although It’s important to remember that just lifting weights isn’t very effective in getting rid of fat. Remember to do what is fun for you, this is a lifestyle change and you’re in this for the long haul!

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#2 – Healthy Gut Having a healthy gut is essential in promoting a strong immune system and proper digestion. Some easy to look for signs that your gut is not as healthy as it could be are1:

* Upset stomach

* Unintentional weight changes

* Bad sleep and fatigue

* Food intolerances

* Gas/bloating

* Autoimmune conditions

* high sugar diet

Having a healthy gut is probably the most important factor in determining how healthy we are, and having a healthy gut also means losing fat A healthy gut also means avoiding illness and disease.2 Here are a list of top foods which promote good gut health:

* Yoghurt & Kefir (the sugar free choice of course)

* All fermented foods such as miso, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.

* Olive Oil

* Lemon

* Apples

* Sourdough

* Kombucha

* Brussels Sprouts

* Garlic

* Ginger

* Apple Cider Vinegar


10 Home Remedies for Headache

#3 – Glass of Warm Water and Lemon Juice After a whole night, your body is dehydrated and needs to be flushed out. Drinking a tall glass of water is great to get going, but also squeezing in a few drops of lemon helps digestion by promoting gut health. Make this your first thing in the morning ritual, you will feel better and speed up fat loss.

10 Home Remedies for Headache

#4 – Avoid Animal Products There is no need to go vegan or vegetarian if you don’t want to, but cutting down on all kinds of animal products, especially meat, goes a long way in getting rid of that stubborn fat. You can start by having two ‘special’ days per week when you eat meat and animal products, then work that down to once per week, then down even further if you want to. Plant-based diets have been proven to help reduce body fat, and it’s body fat you want to get rid of.

10 Home Remedies for Headache

#5 – Eat Whole Foods Eating whole foods means not eating processed, processed foods are bad for your health and most of them increase your body fat. Things such as salad dressings, dried fruits, juices, cereals, french-fries, cookies and cakes are full of nasty sugars and saturated fats, and these are all things you can easily make by yourself at home.

It’s also important to avoid all oils which haven’t been extracted using the cold press method. Whether it’s olive oil or vegetable oil, unless it says ‘cold-pressed’ or ‘mechanically extracted’, don’t buy it. All oils extracted using the heated refining process are considered by dieticians to be bad for you at best, and toxic at worst.

10 Home Remedies for Weight Loss

10 Home Remedies for Headache

#6 – Do Not Snack Not snacking between meals and not eating at least 3 hours before going to bed is very important in promoting fat loss. This is considered by many to be one of the most effective ways in losing your stubborn fat.

10 Home Remedies for Headache

#7 – Herbs and Supplements This is a tricky one, the multibillion-dollar supplement industry will promise you the moon and usually under deliver, not delver at all, or possibly do your body harm. Even supplements that work, aren’t a long term solution, especially if you want to keep the fat off permanently.

But what about natural herbs? There are a few which will help promote fat loss, but it’s important to remember that they won’t do that on their own. You still need to eat well and exercise. Here are the most recommended herbs which promote fat loss4:

* Fenugreek

* Cayenne Pepper

* Ginger

* Oregano

* Ginseng

* Turmeric

* Black Pepper

* Cinnamon

* Green Coffee Bean Extract

* Cumin

10 Home Remedies for Headache

#8 – Avoid Sugar Sugar, often joked about as ‘white death’. It is one of the most important things to avoid, not only for overall health, but especially if you want to lose fat. There is nothing good about sugar, the science has been certain about that for a while. Avoid it like the plague, it’s not only responsible for increasing fat, but it’s linked to countless health conditions and illnesses.

10 Home Remedies for Headache

#9 – Eat Superfoods A superfood is a fun name for foods which are densely packed with nutrients, most of which are plant-based but some fish and dairy also qualify. Superfoods are very healthy due to the way they’re absorbed by us, and the benefits their nutrients can have for our bodies. There are many superfoods out there, but the most popular ones which promote fat loss are6:

* Grapefruit

* Apples

* Nuts

* Berries

* Potatoes

* Yoghurt/Kefir

* Avocados

* Eggs

* Kimchi & other fermented foods


10 Home Remedies for Headache

#10 – Sleep Getting a proper night’s sleep is very important when it comes to fat loss and over all health. You can be following all the steps above, but if you’re not getting the proper amount and quality of sleep, your progress will be much slower than if you were7. It’s important to remember that losing that fat, being healthy and fit are not something which you’ll achieve with a temporary diet and exercise.

This has to be something which will become your lifestyle, so it’s a good idea to choose the types of exercise and foods which will bring you pleasure and fun. Diet and exercise can be a great addition to your life if you do it in a way that suits you, or it can be torture if you do it wrong. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different foods and sports to see what suits you best, and most importantly have fun!!!

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10 Home Remedies for Weight Loss

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